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The Event of a Lifetime 

Your Wedding Day
A 50% non-refundable Deposit is required to reserve any date.  The day the deposit is made, I will give / send a contract to the Bride & Groom to sign.  Full payment is due at least 7 days before the actual event date.

"I Do Cherish U" Services

I offer a Free 30 minute consultation for the Bride and / or Groom to interview me.  It's then they may select which level of service they desire, Basic, Standard, or Full Service.

The price for each level of service reflects the amount of time I commit to each couple , and how much time I spend planning, writing and personalizing the service.  


* Initial Free Consultation
*  10 - 15 minute Ceremony
* Your Choice of location within 25 miles of my home
* Short personal meeting to discuss Couples wishes
*  Custom personalized script for wedding ceremony
*  Phone / E-mail consultations if needed

*Note ~ Rehearsal can be added for an additional charge
*Note ~ added ceremony options (handfasting, unity candle etc) 
are available for extra fee
*Note ~ additional miles available for extra fee 


​*  Initial Free Consultation
*  5 - 10 minute Simple Ceremony
* Your Choice of location within 25 miles of my home
*  Go over basics over the phone / email

Good for small wedding / elopement
(usually just the bride / groom & witnesses)​

​*Note ~ additional miles available for extra fee 


Have you thought about Renewing your Vows?  Let's say you have been married close to 10 years (or 15 to 65!) and on your 10th Anniversary you would like to repeat your marriage vows to one another.  I get a thrill out of performing vow renewals.  It is my pleasure to recapture your original wedding, this time including your own families if you wish.  This is the premier honor a couple can bestow on one another and it is one I joyously complete.


* Initial Free Consultation
* 20 - 30 minute Ceremony
*  Your Choice of location within 25 miles of my home
*  Personally meet longer to discuss all options
* Share checklist of every wedding detail imaginable
* Phone / E-mail Consultations if needed
* Custom personalized script for wedding
* Added options i.e. unity candle; sand ceremony; handfasting, etc 
* Ceremony Script e-mailed to couple of their Special Day
* Attend & Conduct Rehearsal describing everyones' part in the ceremony
*  Work out necessary details with the musicians, photographer & venue host
*Note ~ additional miles available for extra fee
**For all levels of Service, I will handle the wedding license, making sure it is properly signed, witnessed and recorded with the County Registrar**